STINKBOMB - Babies Are Stupid CDR






"I was all prepared to hate this CD...I mean really hate it. Hardcore is not always my thing.But truth is I don't hate it all all. Stinkbomb's CD Babies are Stupid actually is pretty cool. This three piece unit form St Louis hits all the right influences when it comes to classic hardcore riffs,groove, and lyrical non-sense. I actually prefer this kind of stuff to cover the pratfalls of drinking,bodily functions, and general ape like behavior. Youth revisited...from the safety of my CD player! The songs Lazy Ass, and Hungover made me take notice.But this records killer track...and I mean AWESOME track is Attack of The 500Ft Nun.All 10 songs together clock in at less than 10 Minuets just enough to piss off your neighbors and shut it off before the cops come knocking at your door." - Punk Globe

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