SFN - Electric Fence LP

The punctuation mark on an extended series of exclamations, inhalations, and confrontations as executed and inspired by SFN. Claiming territory in the Stoughton/Madison area of Wisconsin, SFN performed with regularity for a solid decade extensively in the midwest and occasionally venturing beyond. This album includes the final six tracks recorded by the band as well as a healthy smattering of the rest of their previously recorded material. Since their 2006 demo, SFN have set a yet unchallenged standard to modern extreme output that some people would likely refer to as powerviolence. Potency is a word that is often used in reference to bands of similar standing or objective. SFN is influence. SFN is the potency others are reaching for. The quality and vigor of the expression they've curated will remain a timeless reference point. The chances of feeling the power of this energy music live again are next to nothing, so this is it. The Fouled Nest Demo, Itching 7", split with In Disgust, Terminal Sedation recording and the six unreleased tracks have been rearranged and remastered for the most effective dose of heady and burled amphetamine-dusted maniacal genius.

A one time vinyl pressing of 400 copies will be available for purchase. 100 on pure white, 300 on black standard gram vinyl. Stuffed in a heavy-duty matte jacket with a single fold poster insert and download code to boot. Grab a piece while you still can.