Before we get started.....I would like to nominate Filip as the Worldwide President of Punk. 

See You in Hell celebrates their 15 Year Anniversary with a gig-only flexi (with exclusive US distro from SPHC, bring on your trades and wholesale) and a special edition of the annual Killed by Brno Fest.

See You in Hell is everything a hardcore band should be. Locally active, globally aware, politically driven, ethically sound, hardworking dudes that wholeheartedly believe in DIY punk and strive to be the best band they can. Like all great bands, throughout their fifteen years they have continued to improve, further refining their sound and style, always pushing themselves to higher ground. This EP is amongst their best work, two powerful songs in the Japanese hardcore style that at once feel perfectly stylized and executed while also being instantly recognizable and unique.

It's my immense pleasure to count these guys as some of my closer friends, having done two See You in Hell/Lotus Fucker American tours and spending plenty of quality time with them on the Lotus Fucker European tour as well. There are few people in this world as wholeheartedly dedicated to punk as these guys. There are few bands that are so redonkulously and consistently great as a live unit. They blew us off the stage every night on every tour. There are few punk bands consistently releasing fucking GREAT records over such an extended period of time. Both the LPs that I've released for them rank as some of my favorites of the SPHC discography, fucking powerhouse records chalk full of killer riffs and great sing-along moments.

Congrats on 15 years my friends, I really wish I could be there with you to celebrate it.