PHLEGM - Consumed By The Dead 2xCD

Rhode Island's most cult and underground band Demo discography release. Phlegm was formed in 1988 and released demos and a 7" ep til 1991. They played 100's of shows and set up some of the earliest death metal fests and booked the sickest bands in Providence RI , U.S.A

Here is a collection a DOUBLE CD release of ALL the classic studio demo releases , including " CONSUMED BY THE DEAD " demo , ' CLOTHESHANGER ABORTION " demo , "SATAN'S RECTUM " demo and pre release demo " MASTERPIECE OF MUTILATION " .

All 4 demos , 42 total tracks , includes two previously unreleased tracks.

Also !

Added as bonus CD disc # 2 another full length live soundboard release with all the putrid gore, grind, doom and noise . including 13 tracks performed live in 1991.

50+ tracks of the most vile and rotten death metal from 1988-1991
Cd included a complete history on the band , and flyers , old photos and more.