IN DEFENCE - Into The Sewer CD


Minneapolis' taco eating retard thrash commando unit, IN DEFENCE, return with another hard hitting, rip your face off, party till you puke album of sarcastic jams and political jabs. IN DEFENCE make fun of everything from eating pizza to moshing the wrong way. Why do they care so much about such trivial topics? Who knows.

But what makes us laugh makes us stronger and In Defence is all about making us laugh, often at their own expense. This CD features their second LP, two different 7"s and some random unreleased bonus material they dug out of a dusty box that was sitting in Ben Crews closet. Best song title "The Only Good Thing About Pizza Is The Crust". Now, "less talk… more sign language" here is the track listing:

1. Lessons in headbanging

2. Into the sewer

3. Straightedge hangover

4. Call More Dudes pt. 3 (girls are dudes too)

5. In DefenSe is our name spelled wrong!

6. Head of the thrash

7. Garbage in garbage out

8. Don't call me a moshist… I just hate the way you dance

9. Ronald Reagan is dead

10. The only good thing about pizza is the crust

11. 80's dance parties are a fucking joke

12. I wish you weren't here

13. Rock against "guyliner"

14. Less talk… more sign language

15. In Defence of the taco Party By The Slice should change their name

16. Bromophobia

17. A song for Mark Nelson to drink a beer to

18. Ben Crew is an asshole

19. The ballad of Jessie Bastard

20. F.Y.B.

21. Minor treat

22. Deep poetry

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