Mercy Of Slumber

HEAD HITS CONCRETE - Hollowed Out Human Husk 7”

Review: “Last year witnessed the return of this cool canadian grindcore... I'm extremely late at reviewing this one, but I don't think the band broke up again yet or anything so maybe it's cool. Anyway of course it's nice to hear this band again and clearly they haven't lost it. Guitar work here is pretty mindbending, like an intricate cobweb of obsessive and repetitive yet very technical guitar riffs, dissonant power chords and fast shredding, always on the verge of spiralling out of control but kept in line by the relentlessly fast drums hammering away... The heavy and rumbling bass lines are quite prominent too. Nice to hear vocalist Mike Alexander (also vocals in the gory and more death metal style Putrescence) reprise a sincerely angry vocal style, spewing his trademark bitter and disillusioned political poetry. I'd say the closest band to this musically would be "Kill Trend Suicide" era Brutal Truth except I'm almost digging Head Hits Concrete better! Sound production is really excellent, the dude behind Archagathus seems to be responsible for it. Anyway, this band still packs a punch.
There's been a couple of new demos released since this EP which are also worth checking out... “ - Braindead Zine