HEAD CLEANER - Of Worms and Men CD

Of Worms and Men is Head Cleaner‘s third full length album. It has 14 tracks and clocks in at nearly 28 minutes.

Head Cleaner play intensely pissed off Grindcore with elements of Death Metal and Crust ala Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Wormrot and Nasum. Their lyrics are highly reflective of the recent situation in Greece. Anti-establishment, anti-corporatism, anti-imperialism, and anti-oligarchical themes frequently reoccur throughout Head Cleaner’s body of work.

Of Worms and Men as well as all of their albums have been masterfully produced to deliver the most intense listening experience. Gut ripping guitar, crushingly heavy distorted bass, pummeling drums all expertly and precisely played overlaid by powerful throaty growls and midrange screams.