DEHUMAN REIGN - Destructive Intent - MCD

FDA Rekotz

20 minutes debut mini-CD of Berlin's Death Metal band DEHUMAN REIGN. The young band is composed of experienced musicians and celebrate on Destructive Intent finest, fast, classic American-styled Death Metal for fans of early Suffocation, Immolation or Deicide. This masterpiece was mastered by Matias Ahonen at Finnish Audiamond Studio (Solstafir, Hour Of 13...) and offers originally authentic fat sound that beats all the guts out of the neck. Responsible for the brilliant cover art is Dedy of Badic Art (Demonical, Goregast, Skeletal Remains ..).


1. Prelude To Perdition

2. Extinction Machine

3. Invocation I Black Seed

4. Irreversible Soul Consumption

5. Staring Beyond The Edge Of Time

6. Invocation II Scorched Earth

7. Veil Of Ignornace

8. Masks Of Sorrow

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