BURST In - 1000słów LP

BURST IN from Warsaw, Poland, has been active in the HC scene for a couple of years now. However, after a warmly welcomed demo and one song which appeared on the “Warsaw is Burning” comp. 7", we haven’t heard much for a while from the band due to some lineup changes. But the guys didn't gave up and disappear in oblivion – they are now back with new line up and they're ready to offer new songs in a 12" vinyl on Refuse Records.

Members of Burst In were active in the 90s in such bands like Greed or xReasonx and recently in The Anthem or Double Vision. The individual character of their music shows that they're able to combine pretty well late 80s and early 90s USHC influences with though-provoking and socially aware Polish HC (think Apatia, Złodzieje Rowerów, Regres or April). Their lyrics deal with personal experiences of living in a reality of modern Poland with all the facade of unstoppable advertising and consumerist paradise, dealing with violence and racism.