Redefining Darkness Records


Combining the putrid licks & groove of early 90's Stockholm with the dark and cryptic delivery of early 90s death metal in the U.S. , Denver, Colorado’s Bloodstrike are showing the world what it means to truly redefine darkness with their first full length LP. Grave, Entombed, Dismember, with a smattering Bolt Thrower and early Obituary are all present here, so If you are searching for an old school sound in 2015, Bloodstrike is the answer.

After a head spinning (and splattering) demo in 2014, the quintet of metal veterans (having spent time in Silencer, Moth, and Havoc to name a few) will not stop until the piles of rotten bodies their brand of death metal harvests, blot out the sun. Prepare yourself for September 25th when Bloodstrike "In Death We Rot" is unleashed upon the masses!

Holly Wedel | Vocals
Jeff Alexis | Guitars
Joe Piker | Guitars
Rhiannon Wisniewski | Bass
Ryan Alexander Bloom | Drums

1. Abomination
2. Putrefied Rapist
3. In Death We Rot
4. Cancer Among Men
5. Death Storm
6. Maggots For A Whore
7. Bells Of Death
8. Bloodrotten
9. S.S.B. (Sex, Satan, Beer)
10. Silent Killer
11. Soulless (Grave Cover)