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BLOOD MORTIZED - The Key To A Black Heart - CD

RELEASE DATE - 5/18/2012

The Swedish zombies are back with their 2nd.full length album and serve us one of the best classic death metal albums of the last years. If you like your Death Metal played by real human beings (or better Swedish undeads) and not a bunch of lame computers we are certain that you will plow through “THE KEY TO A BLACK HEART” with a ravenous hunger!


- Members and ex-members of AMON AMARTH (guitar), CRYPT OF KERBEROS (drums), CHARTA 77 (bass), STIGMATA, MALFEITOR

- Artwork by artist Thomas Kynst (nl)

Track Listing:

1. Unleashing The Hounds

2. The Heretic Possession

3. Only Blood Can Tell

4. Dead & Rotten

5. Doomsday Architect

6. Rekviem

7. To Murder A God 8.

8. Shadow Of The Quarter Sun

9. Bringer Of Eternal Death

10. The Key To A Black Heart

First Responses:

- “probably one of the year's best Swedish Death album and can not be missed”- Critical Mass (swe)

- “of course, I think this is one of the best Death Metal albums of the year”- Puro Ruido (arg)

- „The Band Blood Mortized hailing from the well ...known city Stockholm, Shows up with an album that puts you directly in the Delorean of Michael J Fox… Back to the great days of Old School Swedish Death Metal…“- 88/100 Points - Rai Wolters (nl)

- 9/10 points NIHILIST WEBZINE (mex)