BIRTH DEFORMITIES - Suburbanized 10'' MLP

"It is hard to describe your own band to somebody else. I know people like this band but its a record now, not a small little demo tape. I hated the demo tape, the session wasn't fun due to fear and I was drunk and pissed off at the jokes made and it shows when you hear it. Since then, I got my voice down (didn't drink booze when we recorded this!) and gained confidence and well, here's the debut record. Not an LP, but not an EP either so its in between. AJ plays bass now and Nathan and Sean of Culo still hold down the fort on guitar and drums and the guitar tone you loved is still present if not more raw here. Plus Nathan again adorns the world with his art and I feel this is his greatest work yet. I'd like the music to be remembered too, but even if the art only was I'd be content with that. Musically we share more in common with Modern Warfare, Secret Hate, Zero Boys, Social Unrest and Fatal Rage and the Freeze a little lyrically but I also make strange lyric arrangements. BUT, I think we sound like us at the same time and not just sounding like yesterday's tunes. Pressed at Erika and comes with a full color cover, screen printed dust sleeves, hand stamped center labels and a 20 x 20'' full color poster, nothing about this record was cheap." - Nick / Cowabunga Records