SEVERANCE - The Concession Continuum LP/CD

Severance's fifth cd is another self-financed one. The Concession Continuum was released by the band in early 2018. This release took a couple of years to come out, but the final product justifies the wait. Eight new songs and one interlude comprise the band's 4th full-length album. Drums were recorded at Sound of Rain Studios by Charlie Vela; guitars and bass were recorded at Negative Audio Studios, and the vocals were done at the MENAcing Room. The line up for this release is Jaime Perez/drums, Abel Barrera/bass, Mike Mena/vocals, Joe Dan de la Rosa/guitars and Fernie Salinas/guitars. The album clocks in at about 40 minutes of Texas death metal. In addition to being released on cd and electronic format, this album is likely to be released on cassette and vinyl, making it the first Severance release to be available in 4 formats. Regardless of which format you prefer, make sure and pick this up without hesitation. The sound and delivery of this band has progressed over the decades; listen for yourself.