Static Void Records


Black cassette with gold foil label and double-sided J-card. Limited to 25 copies. 

Formulated in complete desolation during the month of war, MMXIX.

Immaculation rituals and surgical bindings performed at Void Lab.

All infernal churnings decomposed by Chasmdweller.


"Boggy reverb and cave-like acoustics add to the dungeon vibe, as do the intentionally muffled vocals. Touches of electronic texturing further it even more, while also providing solid intro and outro coverage, and the murkiness of it all is spun together with a good ear for how to combine flavor with big riffs and healthy momentum."

- The Burning Beard

"A lot of 90's era doom/death metal influences can also be heard in the band's musical style, while the riffs add a decent amount of dark sounding melodies."

- DarkDoomGrindDeath

"Within only two tracks, Chasmdweller offers something that is compelling and unique that is hard to ignore. This is a very solid debut offering from these dungeon lurkers."

- Cadaver Garden

"It creates a truly momentously uncomfortable atmosphere, burying its way into your subconscious with droning effects. All before unleashing doom and death heaviness of the highest order."