Hearts Bleed Blue

LO-FI - Ultra Cosmic Blues Cassette

The new work of Lo- Fi band, formed in 2008 , was released on cassette by record companies Hearts Bleed Blue ( HBB ) and Laja Records, in partnership with the American stamps Wiener Records and Give Praise Records.

Recorded and mixed by Fernando Sanches and mastered by Alexandre Capilé , " Ultra Cosmic Blues " has ten tracks is the fourth album of São José dos Campos - SP . The launch includes the participation of Debora Babylon on vocals for "Come Back Home" and has the cover art signed by Lobo Ramirez.

According to bassist and vocalist Roger , the group's albums are always different from each other and " Ultra Cosmic Blues " stands for slower and long songs , with themes that had not been covered by the band. " This album is the result of an incessant work, never stop working is the secret ," he says .

- Hearts Bleed Blue Records