PiggIron Sound


"Jumping in to Grinds closest thing to stardom ie being a hall of famer in G&P’s best of lists, via a 6 minute tussle of raw and belligerent Assuck worshipping demo (download), expectation for Amputee’s S/T 7” was high to say the least, an expectation the band delivered whilst simultaneously steering them out from being just a worship band and accentuating their own pattern of unscrupulous cacophony. Now comes their third instalment, a rampant punch up that has energised their sound to be caught somewhere in the middle of a tug of war between Assuck and Excruciating Terror whilst offering plenty of gasps and electrifying throes in the mix too. Low end howls, destructive blasts and snappy hawkish riffs all throttle the listener in an iron fisted cruelty. When they clock on to full out explosive grind mode, that is when this band shines best unleashing a lead footed down tuned blitzkrieg of grind that boasts a heavy weight factor few bands offer and fewer still are able to maintain before breaking down into a lifeless wall of noise; a pitfall Amputee not only miss, but actively avoid constructing one of the most die-hard musical sieges I have ever endured.



It’s little wonder why this band are one of the most exciting new kids on the block, not only do they offer some of the heaviest grind, the integrity of sound and articulation of barbarity are so rich and pressing on the listener Amputee have become a grindcore experience upon themselves.



If Amputee are the salt upon your open wound then Nimbus Terrifix would be the pepper thrown in; beyond cannibals who else throws ground pepper on a wound I don’t know, but like salt and pepper Amputee and Nimbus Terrifix are two completely different creatures, but their stylistic variety served on one split complement one another quite nicely. I stress again Nimbus Terrifix really are a completely different creature, bouncing around with a wiry guitar tone amongst a hectic daze of mathematical sweeps and progressions in a collusive music from chaos illusion, a performance that energetically slides the listener from one end to another throughout its erratic materialisation. There is a certain degree of subtleness to the work, although its exclusivity cannot be denied it remains very much anchored in the confines of powerviolence, presenting a lot of what is recognisable but fashioning it in such a delirious and free fashion the experience becomes an entirely new one. It’s a very jazz state of affairs that flaunts unconventionality and a care free attitude to music whilst seducing the listener to its exotic charms.



If you measure the quality of your grind in sonic megatons, Amputee deliver enough of them for a Nuclear winter.



If you like iconoclastic trashing musical riddles and a completely fresh face on intimately familiar musical playing field, then Nimbus Terrifix should be your choice of riddler.



Undeniably one of the best splits delivered this year, with such a rich division of character between the two sides, yet both gleaming when it comes down to quality of substance. Bravo." - Grind To Death